This is a wonderful organization in all aspects. After more than two years studying with them, the esteem in which I hold Zen Wellness continues to grow. And, as a life - long learner with a long life of learning already behind me, I have a significant perspective on which to base this opinion. Thanks, Zen Wellness! I’ll update my accolades every decade ...
— Mary, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Zen Wellness helps you discover your own potential for life- long health, and happiness. You learn to manage your mind, restore and improve your body, and coexist in your own environment. The Zen Wellness classes have set me on a path to achieve my goals and truly enjoy life.
— Linda R., Peoria, AZ
My experience with Zen Wellness so far has been amazing. The teachers are knowledgeable, kind, and fun. With each of them having a different approach and style, I really feel that I am getting the most well rounded teachings/practice. I will definitely be joining Zen Wellness again for future retreats/training, this is just the beginning.
— Brittany, Peterborough, ON
I can’t remember being this excited or passionate about something my whole life. Each morning when I wake up I look forward to starting my day at Zen Wellness. Staying strong, balanced, stable, graceful, mindful and focused is very important to me and this happens through the trainings of qigong, tai chi and the many fascinating classes. Every day I can’t wait to learn more and become a stronger woman. I am so so fortunate that I found them!
— Linda N., Sun City, AZ
I have studied at Zen Wellness for sometime, at 65 I have reduced my need for insulin, set my path for greater energy and health through the principals of Qi Gong and Zen meditation. I am having more fun and have more energy than at any time in the previous 60 years.
— Karl, Sun City, AZ

Taking workshops at Zen Wellness is life changing. I recommend them to everyone who what to raise their vibration and make a change in themselves and the world.
— Sherry, Columbus, OH
I love the Zen Wellness community! Teaching ancient wisdom in a modern context, Zen Wellness is a Quality staff with a great clientele making a memorable experience for all
— Sean, New York, NY
So happy to find this place! They make you feel very welcome and ease you into the programs slowly! Highly recommend!
— Robyn, Surprise, AZ

Amazing and legitimate information! Amazing staff and teachers! I love it here!
— Earl, Killeen, TX
The most comprehensive Qi Gong and Yoga program training. Awesome instructors teaching skills to heal yourself, family and the planet.
— Kelly, Cameron Park, CA
The best life changing experience. A must for life, your family, the planet!
— Debbie, Littleton, CO

I have learned so much from these wonderful people that they have helped me to reach goals that were impossible attainable. I can’t wait to continue to grow and learn more through this living education. By far the best and right choice.
— Sarah, Canton, GA

An excellent practice for newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike! Master Jason Campbell’s music for meditation can propel the listener to a whole other dimension! Exquisite!
— Maggie, Tomah, WI
Solutions for Seniors rehabilitation and longevity wellness. The Qifit program is easy to use and share with others. Thank you!
— Barbara, Crane Hill, AL
I attended the online version of the Qi Fit training Oct. 24 & 25. I have learned so much. The program was awesome. I was able to broadcast it to my TV. It was very much like being in the room.
— Michael, Cincinnati, OH
Inspiration led me to Zen Wellness and Qi Gong…and they literally saved my life. It is now February of 2013 and I just turned 55. In November of last year I began a journey that has transformed and restored me to youthful vigor.

Over the past few years time was catching up to me with health issues such as pain in both knees, lower back, abdominal area, extremely low energy, low libido, borderline high blood pressure, and depression.

In a very short time, practicing a little at first, listening to audio files, watching videos, and participating in the weekly live call; I practiced daily whether it was 5 minutes or an hour in the morning and afternoon. I was able to return my health to what I feel is younger than age 40! I have learned so much about myself during this time.

I have been working on this long distance from Kansas and this was my first opportunity to meet Master Leone, Master Campbell and their amazing staff as I am writing this from the first Zen Business Bootcamp and training immersion I have attended. So if you are ready for personal transformation and restoration, contact Zen Wellness or come see me and we will help you begin your journey.
— Gilda, Louisburg, Kansas