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From the Inside Out…

Join us for a personally tailored total anti-aging rejuvenation weekend in secluded hot springs that will revive your inner youth on a deep cellular level.

A powerful blend ancient and contemporary cutting edge modern therapies combined with relaxation.

The Zen Wellness Rejuvenation program incorporates traditional eastern modalities such as yoga and meditation with the newest science of stem cells and other youthful techniques.

Come as you are, Leave younger!

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All programs start with the trifecta

add mineral soaks, stem cell injections, guided hiking or eating for your element…

Turn back the hands of time and recapture the energy strength and beauty you deserve and need in todays fast moving competitive world. Our wellness consultant will craft an experience that will transform your life.

First we will create a personal training protocol to recapture vitality, drop stress and learn how to stop the “death hormone.”

Next we will determine the most effective therapy that will be administered by one of our board certified physicians.

Finally you will get to choose form one of the finest accommodations in the world and did we mention all your meals will be included and prepared by our world class chef with farm to table ingredients? 

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Youth is not skin deep

you can get a tummy tuck, but this doesn’t change your biological age - just your outer appearance. Restore your deep cellular youth and become younger from the inside out. Add stem cell injections to your trifecta!

Your day of zen wellness Rejuvenation will begin awakening your senses to the secluded mountains and hot springs were nature is at its finest.

You will be introduced to seated mindfulness meditation. Beginners and advanced guest find an environment conducive to complete tranquility.

Next you will enjoy a fine breakfast and enjoy a conversation with our staff that will shed light on the effects or our lifestyle that promote premature aging and disease.

Understanding these principles will be the key to preventing further loss of health, energy and inspiration. 

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Reset your work-life to less stress

Stress ages you. Interrupt your work pattern that reduces your life, and rejuvenate. Perfect for the top executive and/or team.

The afternoon will include experiencing our Zen Yoga program. Beginners to advanced guests will be provided with instruction that will help restore or maintain the strength and flexibility needed for a fully functional and health mind and body.

And of course you can enjoy your lunch out side on the sundeck our fine dinning room. After lunch is a great time to enjoy the hot springs, swim in the pool, stroll the resort grounds or take a guided hike up the rugged mountains with our trail master.

At the end of the day you will stand like a mountain and move like a river as you enjoy guided Tai Chi in the sunset. The key to stability, mobility and grace is the correct and regular practice of Tai Chi. The Zen Wellness Tai Chi protocol is a uniquely elegant yet simple set of thirteen movements that can be learned quickly and effectively with correct instruction, all practiced to beautiful Zen Wellness customized music.

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heal and power up

Top athletics and extreme sports take its toll on the body, recover and power up for your next big event…

After a day of seated mediation in the morning, standing strength and flexibility training in the afternoon and coordinated graceful movement in the evening you experienced the time tested method of restoring and uniting the mind, body and spirit. 

Through out the day you will be scheduled to undergo you elected Zen Wellness Rejuvenation treatments administered by one of our Board certified physicians. We will time the procedures to maximize your bodies response and recovery. 

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the power of nature

The ancient secret, nature will recharge your batteries. Experience the exclusive and secluded Castle Hot Springs - where people have come to heal for centuries.

At the end of the day you will be treated to five star dinning prepared by our word class Chef. You will be provided plenty of time to enjoy the resort chat with guests get a massage or enjoy the solitude or you luxury suit. 

Guest can schedule one to five days and as many under go a verity of Zen Wellness Rejuvenation therapies. You will find we offer a wide variety of Traditional Eastern Training Protocols and Cutting edge western medical therapies.



Secluded. Powerful. Exclusive. Rejuvenating.