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QiFit Live 2019

Come experience the foundation of our anti-aging and wellness system. Over 2 days, you will learn how to restore and maintain your vitality, happiness and overall wellness at our QiFit Live program. The Zen Wellness program is based on over 25 years research and development and training tens of thousands of members. We use the ancient modalities of meditation, tai chi, qigong, yoga and eastern medicine, all scored to original music. Click below to apply and learn more.

Free Online 5 day course - Zen Wellness Anti Aging

Get a new 7-minute video each morning

  • Learn the foundations of Qi (energy) to remain balanced and focused throughout the day

  • Take back your health. Harness the proven power of the Zen Wellness system for optimal wellness

  • Banish stress with this subtle but powerful practice to activate energy, stimulate power and cultivate calm

  • Beat the energy slump. Simple strategies to balance physical and mental energy for peak focus, optimal creativity and powerful performance

  • Includes meditation music to help you gain greater clarity, stillness and peace

Change your life in 15 minutes / day
Sit - Stand - Move

This Life-Changing 6-Day Wellness Course Includes: 

  • Instant 24/7 online access

  • A  guided, step-by-step 6-day program that you can repeat again and again

  • Easy-to-Follow Zen Wellness anti-aging Teaching with Master teachers.

  • 5 minutes of easy to follow moving practice, 5 minutes of a standing practice and 5 minutes of a sitting / meditation practice. Perfect for Beginners

  • Lifetime access


Zen Welness
Anti-aging, Rejuvenation Retreat

Immerse yourself in the Zen Wellness Anti-Aging system for 2 amazing days. The Zen Wellness system includes meditation, tai chi, yoga, qigong, eastern medicine, 5-element nutrition and original live music. We offer optional cutting edge medical and beauty treatments from board certified physicians

Coming Soon!

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Zen Wellness
Instructor Certification

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Original Music


Choose one song, close your eyes for 5 minutes and breath with the bell. A meditation practice will create more happiness, inner-peace, quiet the voice in the head and create space between action and re-action. Do this for 7 days and experience the power of transformation through Five Element Meditation Music. 

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What is Zen Wellness?

How you eat and what you eat is part of Zen Wellness anti aging system. You will learn simple, fun principles of eating based on the ancient wisdom of the 5 elements. This is not a diet or a rigid structure of eating. It is a simple understanding of basic principles you can easily incorporate into your day that will bring greater happiness and vitality.


What People Say About Us

Here are a small handful of testimonials from our members. We have trained thousands of members and instructors over the last 25 years.

I gained more energy, motivation to get out of the house, flexibility, confidence in voice and in everyday life and at work, a sense of belonging (to a family).
— April
I am a total beginner and can feel the difference in flexibility, energy, and focus already. I can’t wait to see how I feel in six months, a year and even years from now.
— Dan
I have been able to lose a lot of weight, and it has just been a reversal in health from what was happening a year ago. I just want to say this is the best thing I’ve ever done! Thank You!
— Gloria, Glendale, AZ
My husband and I attended the recent Qi Fit weekend and loved it. We were so inspired by how it felt and what is possible if we continue the practice so have signed up for the 200 hour Restoration practice. So impressed with all the resources available and the constant attention we will be getting. Thanks Zen Wellness, Masters Leone, Campbell, and Anderson!
— Lori, Redondo Beach, CA
The best gift you can give yourself is a membership! Awesome place to learn about your health and earn your Chi. Thank you for this life changing experience! You are the best!
— Connie, Hartlington, NE